Due Feb 10th: Scientific Inquiry Assignment

Please put your responses to this assignment in the body of an email and send that email to LesleyBioHomework@gmail.com with the subject line Scientific Inquiry Assignment by 5pm on Feb. 10th.

1. Listen to the TED Radio Hour segment with Margaret Heffernan.
a. What is or should be the control group in the chicken flock experiment? Explain.
b. Host Guy Raz and TED speaker Margaret Heffernan say that social scientists and business people use this experiment as a way to think about human behavior. Are they using inductive or deductive reasoning to do this? How? Continue reading


Key Terms for Scientific Inquiry and Life

Here’s a rundown of the terms covered in class and in your textbook. Remember that the 3 textbook options you have for this class take different approaches and do not cover all the same terms. Use this as the definitive list for terms we’ll focus on in this part of our course. Look up any terms not in the textbook you’ve chosen, or ask your peers about them or request clarification during class discussion.

Inductive Reasoning
Deductive Reasoning
Scientific Process
Dependent and Independent Variables
Control / Control Experiment
Falsifiable Continue reading

In Class Feb. 1: Pump-Up Music, Pythons, Boredom, The Majestic Plastic Bag

To continue our discussion on scientific inquiry, we’ll consider at least one of the following:

And we’ll start considering the nature of life with the mockumentary The Majestic Plastic Bag.

Class Prep for Feb. 1: Lionfish, chapter 1 of your textbook

2012_11-19_jennifers-iphone-156_wide-f8e08835c944014a35c4095b1d9b9f0b6689296f-s800-c85To prepare for class on Monday, listen to “Sixth-Grader’s Science Project Catches Ecologists’ Attention” from All Things Considered and determine the following:

  • What is the hypothesis? Is it falsifiable? How is it being tested?
  • What are the independent and dependent variables in the experiment?
  • What are or should be the controls?
  • What property or properties of life are involved?

Also, read chapter 1 of the textbook you’ve chosen for the semester, and come in with any questions you have on that material.