Key Terms for Scientific Inquiry and Life

Here’s a rundown of the terms covered in class and in your textbook. Remember that the 3 textbook options you have for this class take different approaches and do not cover all the same terms. Use this as the definitive list for terms we’ll focus on in this part of our course. Look up any terms not in the textbook you’ve chosen, or ask your peers about them or request clarification during class discussion.

Inductive Reasoning
Deductive Reasoning
Scientific Process
Dependent and Independent Variables
Control / Control Experiment
Falsifiable Continue reading


In Class Feb. 1: green blobs and moving… rocks?

In your groups, you’ll discuss one of these scenarios for about 3 minutes.

Slowly Sliding… Rocks?
racetrack stoneDonlar, hoping to cash in on the slow food, slow Internet, slow brain, slow everything movement, has become interested in setting up a resort at Racetrack Playa, a place where people can contemplate the vastness of time and Continue reading