Due 10/12: Outdoor Connections

You’ve been doing a great job applying the concepts we’ve been covering to the examples we discuss during class. Time to take it to the next level by applying concepts we’ve covered to the world around you. Please follow the directions below to work on this assignment.  Continue reading


Properties of Water, redux pt. 2

What property (or properties) of water or other concepts from chapter 2 can you spot in this video? What property (or properties) of life do they relate to?

For 9/18: Lionfish & Bass

To familiarize yourself with elements of scientific inquiry, finish reading (or review) chapter 1 of Biology and listen to (or read) the 2 news stories below and answer the following questions in your notebook:

  • What’s the hypothesis? Is it falsifiable?
  • What are or should be the controls?
  • What are the independent and dependent variables?
  • What, if any, properties of life involved?

In our next class meeting there will be a brief quiz on chapter 1 and these questions, followed by a discussion of them.

A. “Pump Up The Bass, Feel Like A Boss” from NPR’s All Things Considered. Continue reading