In Class Apr. 20th: selective pressures

colors-2-_custom-afc93498ec5df91f516ee25aa3141c750524cd16-s700-c85To consider the concept of selective pressure, we will…

  • Listen to this NPR news story about color and discuss these questions: (a) what selective pressure(s) are mentioned in the news story? (b) what is the result of the pressures?
  • Listen to the Weekend Edition news story “In Just 6 Generations, Butterflies Brighten Their Colors“, then consider (a) what selective pressures are being applied (b) by what or whom (c) resulting in what final outcome?

If you’re curious about the color-creating structures of butterfly wings mentioned in the NPR stories, give this Deep Look video a watch.


In Class Apr. 4th: DNA in the news

NPR logoToday, we’ll consider two NPR news stories with the questions below to gain familiarity with some important concepts related to DNA.

Science Seeks Clues To Human Health In Neanderthal DNA

  • We’re told that Neanderthal genes have been found in modern Americans. What’s a gene? How does this relate to DNA?
  • How is it that genes/DNA played a role in human survival?

From Kale To Pale Ale, A Love Of Bitter May Be In Your Genes

  • What is a taste receptor?
  • How do different genes result in different experiences in tasting bitterness?

In Class Mar. 23: cell biology in the news

scisource_bs6014_custom-5b0642ce9e8a3bb9455448dc159e81c4314c9df5-s600-c85 Today we’ll take a brief look at the following recent news stories:

To test your knowledge of cell biology, consider these questions: Are the cells in these articles prokaryotic or eukaryotic? What kind of microscopes are being used to visualize these cells? Which of these cells are motile? What gives them their motility?