Class Prep for Feb. 1: Lionfish, chapter 1 of your textbook

2012_11-19_jennifers-iphone-156_wide-f8e08835c944014a35c4095b1d9b9f0b6689296f-s800-c85To prepare for class on Monday, listen to “Sixth-Grader’s Science Project Catches Ecologists’ Attention” from All Things Considered and determine the following:

  • What is the hypothesis? Is it falsifiable? How is it being tested?
  • What are the independent and dependent variables in the experiment?
  • What are or should be the controls?
  • What property or properties of life are involved?

Also, read┬áchapter 1 of the textbook you’ve chosen for the semester, and come in with any questions you have on that material.