Class Prep for Apr. 18th: genetic diseases and genetic testing

dna-testing-0d732ffd665cc72bc64bb15952e4464eaaccda96-s700-c85For April 18th, please come to class having…

  1. read EO Wilson’s Life on Earth 13.3 or 15.9 in Biology by Raven or 12.2 in OpenStax Biology (you may find other related sections of the book useful as well as the Wikipedia entry on Genetic Disorder for understanding these sections), and
  2. listened to this NPR news story: New Genetic Test Screens Would-Be Parents and considered the following questions:
  • What is a genetic disease? What is the connection between DNA and protein in a genetic disease?
  • What would the kind of test described in the news story tell parents?
  • What is an allele? What is a mutation? How are they related?
  • Why are only certain populations affected (more heavily) by certain genetic diseases?