Exam Review: back to those granola bars

How can we use what we’ve covered this semester to make more sense of these granola bars? Here are some questions we can consider:

  • What is ALA? A molecule? Ionic compound? Protein? Cell?
  • How can we understand or classify vitamin E and zinc with the concepts we’ve covered?
  • How does Bacillus coagulans make one of these bars probiotic?
  • What are “ancient grains“? Can evolution offer some perspectives on what¬†them?
    Probiotic granola bars

In Class Feb. 24: dispense with the entertainment and social aspect of eating

There is no joy to Soylent, only purpose.

As you watch this video from The Verge, be on the look out for the macromolecules we’ve been talking about. Afterwards,¬†consider these questions: why is the oil blend needed? If we could photosynthesize like plants do, would we still need to eat food (or drink Soylent)?