In Class Apr. 20th: the evolution of life in 60 seconds

  • This video will go by quickly, but try to take note of what catches your attention in this extremely fast fly-through of history of life on earth.

    Now that we’ve watched the video, let’s consider these questions:
  • Drawing upon on our discussion of cells and DNA as well as your own thoughts on the nature of life, why do you think it took so long for eukaryotic life to arise after prokaryotic life arose?
  • Why do you think there’s an explosion of diversity and complexity toward the end of this video?

Prep for Mar. 20th: big history, deep time and the origins of life

As we head into the topic of evolution, please do the following for our next class:

As usual, there may be a quiz.

If you want to get a head start on the reading for this part of the course, here it is (for Nov. 30th):

  • Biology by Raven 20.1, 20.3, 20.4 (20.2 optional) 
  • EO Wilson’s Life on Earth chapter 3
  • OpenStax Biology 18.1 and part of 18.2 (adaptive radiation).