Due 10/12: Outdoor Connections

You’ve been doing a great job applying the concepts we’ve been covering to the examples we discuss during class. Time to take it to the next level by applying concepts we’ve covered to the world around you. Please follow the directions below to work on this assignment.  Continue reading


Capsaicin & TRPV1

Now that we’ve looked at the skeletal structures and characteristics of organic molecules and also gotten acquainted with macromolecules, it’s time to put them together in this example. Continue reading


Fish_oil_softgelRecently, “omega-3s” have received a lot of attention, but what are they?

  • Of the molecules we’ve seen in chapter 3, what kind of molecule is an “omega-3”? The structure of an “omega-3” is shown below, in case that’s helpful.
  • Is the “omega-3” contents of the capsule shown solid or liquid at room temperature? Why?
  • Is an “omega-3” soluble in water?
  • Where in the body is it found after some after ingestion? Why does that make sense based on what you know about the kind of molecule it is?

DHA structure from Wikipedia

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