Exam Review/Help

UPDATE: I will be on the first floor conference room from 3pm-6pm.


If you need extra help or have any last minute questions about the exam and cannot make it to Albert’s office hours tomorrow, I will be available from 3pm to around 6pm at the student center tomorrow Tuesday 3/1 to help anyone who needs it!

If anyone desperately needs help and is not available during those time, I will also have my email open and can try to help you over email.

I will be sitting at the lower level of the mezzanine on the long counter.

Happy studying!


Answers to Scientific Inquiry

Here are the answers to the Scientific Inquiry assignment. Note that if your answers are not on this post, it does not mean you are incorrect!

  1.  TED Radio Hour segment with Margaret Heffernan
    What is or should be the control group in the chicken flock experiment? Explain.

The control group would be the random flock he had originally picked.  By picking a random group of chickens, he can get a good sense of the average amount of eggs his chickens can lay.

  1. Host Guy Raz and TED speaker Margaret Heffernan say that social scientists and business people use this experiment as a way to think about human behavior. Are they using inductive or deductive reasoning to do this? How?

                Inductive: They had used this specific experiment to use as an example  that pecking order should cease to exist in the business world.  Specific to Broad. Continue reading