Additional Perspectives on Human Evolution and Group Selection: Simon Sinek’s Why Leaders Eat Last

If you’d like to get more perspective on our evolutionary heritage, especially in terms of how it pertains to leadership, check out this 99u talk by Simon Sinek. What parts of the talk might connect with group selection?


Exam Review: Cell Biology & the Immune System

The immune system is extraordinarily complex, even when we’re just considering a small injury, but we can start to make sense of what’s going on with material we’ve covered. As a way to prepare for Monday’s exam, try to apply the key terms covered in this section of the course to the video below by Kurzgesagt. If you’d to get to know the immunology as it pertains to skin in more depth, check out the video by Nature also below.

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Challenge Questions: are these molecules hydrophilic or hydrophobic?

Work on these questions if you’d like to test your knowledge of chemistry concepts we’ve covered and practice reading skeletal structures.

vitamin D3, Cholecalciferol

A. Noticing that Vitamin Water does not contain vitamin D3, Rufol thinks he has a business opportunity on his hands: make a vitamin beverage containing vitamin D3 for people who don’t get enough sun during the winter—or for people who just don’t get enough sun at all. Looking at the molecular structure of vitamin D3, do you think Rufol will have an easy time dissolving it into water?  Continue reading