Important Upcoming Dates

Here’s a rundown of what’s coming up:

11/15: Meet briefly with Peyton to discuss how the semester is going (worth a quiz)
11/16: Brain Dissection write-up due
11/20: Professionalism for the Homestretch assignment due
11/20: Quiz requested by the class to review Cell Bio & the Central Dogma
11/27 12/3: Interdisciplinary Connections assignment due
11/29: Exam on Cell Biology, the Central Dogma & Genetics during class
12/10: Final Exam as a take-home exam

Exam on Nov. 29th

We’ll aim to have an exam on Thursday, November 29th that covers cell biology, Central Dogma and genetics topics. Part of class on November 27th will be dedicated to reviewing for the exam. As mentioned before, old exams can be an especially useful resource when preparing for an exam.

Exam 1 Stats

The mean is 54 with a standard deviation of 13. The highest score was 74.

Since the exam grading is centered on at the B-/C+ cutoff, here are the letter grade ranges:
A: 67 and up  |  B: 53 to 66  |  C: 52 to 39   D: 38 to 25