Final Project Guidelines

04_Living_Growing_Yeast_Cells-STORY-932x478To wrap up the semester, you’ll be investigating the work of a scientist currently doing biology-related research or a breakthrough in the field of Biology that has occurred within the past 3 – 5 years. Whether you choose to focus on a scientist or breakthrough, gather the following to work on your project:

  • 5 Sources of Information 
  • 4 Images 
  • 3 Key Concepts vital to what the scientist’s work or the breakthrough
  • 2 Important Events involved in the scientist’s work or in arriving at the breakthrough
  • The One Big Thing that matters, e.g. what is the major contribution being made, or what is the future application?

Use these to prepare a short presentation consisting of 3 slides that convey the most important points. Your final presentation should be:

  • Informative: have significant amounts of high-quality information
  • Integrated: be organized into a coherent form
  • Interesting: present information compellingly
  • Insightful: reveal your efforts to identify patterns and form meaningful conclusions or speculation.

The presentation will be graded according to these criteria.


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