Next Week: Exam 2, Community of Scholars Day

community-of-scholars-day-20162-column-header-imageAs we’ve discussed in class, there are a few things to keep in mind for next week.

March 28th: We’re on track to have exam 2 on Monday. This exam will focus on Cell Biology only, and you may use any notes you have taken; you may be able to use the Internet for part of the exam, so you may want to bring a. Since this exam only covers one section of the course, it shouldn’t take as long, and we’ll plan on allotting 2 hours for it. As usual, the best way to prepare for the exam is to test your knowledge with old exams.

March 30th:

  • No class; go to Community of Scholars Day sessions instead. Here are a few suggestions for sessions to attend: Studying the Environment Across Divisions: A Vision of Unity; Trans-disciplinary Approach to Learning Trans-generational Culture: Travel Course Experiences in Japan; Stress and Student Wellness
  • The Protein Perspectives Project is due by 10pm.

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