Due Mar. 30th: Protein Perspectives Project

PDB_1m8n_EBIThere are a lot of proteins out there in the biological world. We’ve barely scratched the surface, so this mid-semester project will take you a little deeper into the nature of proteins.

Pick a protein that interests you and work through the following…


  • Find an image of this protein’s function.
  • How large is this protein? What kind of shape does it have?
  • What are the different levels of protein structure like?


  • How is this protein’s structure related to its function?
  • What property/properties of life does this protein relate to?

Further Context

  • What kind of organism is this protein found in?
  • What kind of cells is it found in? Are they prokaryotic or eukaryotic?
  • How can you use the concept of hierarchical organization to better understand this protein?
  • What’s one interesting fact about this protein? Is there something unusual about the way it evolved or does it have a surprising commercial application? Might it hold the key to treating a disease or conducting breakthrough research? Is there a mutated form that’s problematic or somehow useful?

Create a 5-7 minute presentation that consists of only three slides, one for each of the three overall topics above, with no text aside from labels and titles. Send your slides (or a link to them if you’re using Prezi or Google Slides or SlideShare) and presenter notes (optional but recommended) to the usual email address by 10pm on March 30th with the subject line “Protein Perspectives Project”. .

We’ll start in on presentations on April 4th if time permits.


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