Exam Review: back to those granola bars

How can we use what we’ve covered this semester to make more sense of these granola bars? Here are some questions we can consider:

  • What is ALA? A molecule? Ionic compound? Protein? Cell?
  • How can we understand or classify vitamin E and zinc with the concepts we’ve covered?
  • How does Bacillus coagulans make one of these bars probiotic?
  • What are “ancient grains“? Can evolution offer some perspectives on what them?
    Probiotic granola bars

Scientific Talk Writeup Guidelines & Deadline

youretheexpertprogrampg_copyIf you have not yet submitted your summary of the talk or event you attended, please submit your discussion of the event in the form of a review for a department newsletter or community/student newspaper. Your review should clear describe what the event focused on, who the presenter was, how the information pertains to Biology topics we have covered (wether directly or indirectly) and why the talk was or wasn’t valuable. Your review should be like all good reviews: coherent, clear and engaging; no bullet points (unless judiciously used), no copying of event description text from a website or flyer (you may of course quote the speaker).  Continue reading